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2010 Porsche 987 Spyder

- the lightweight 987 spyder
- a very focused drivers Porsche

This fantastic 987 Spyder is offered with the usual light-weight options featuring weight reductions over the standard 987 S of 80 kg and 10 bhp more from the 3.4 Litre engine. Porsche reduced weight in the alloy wheels, with doors and rear deck in alloy, a lightweight roof system and carbon seats amongst a host of other weight reductions. This edition in Grand Prix White has a very low mileage and is in excellent order.

An absolutely spirited lightweight and focused machine.

"Like a Boxster S but with an added kick. The combination of the Cayman’s extra 10bhp and an 80kg weight reduction make acceleration feel more urgent, and the sports exhaust just adds to the effect. The handling feels equally improved. The communicative steering is as positive as ever, but the Spyder seems that much more alert and keen to change tack". - CAR 2010

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