hkcartrader's 24-Hour Cash Offer is the fastest and most convenient way to sell your car to a dealer. Let our agent inspect your car and we will help you get the best price from our network of over 200 used car dealers! No upfront fees and no obligation!

1. Submit your details and book appointment

2. Visit us for a Professional Inspection

3. Vehicle submitted for bidding by over 200 dealers

4. Accept the offer if you are happy with the price

5. Drop off the vehicle and get paid!


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The process is simple:

  • 1 Fill in the form above and our agent will contact you to book an appointment and walk you through the process.
  • 2 Bring your vehicle, ownership documents and service records to our agent for a professional inspection.
  • 3 Our agent will enter your car into our bidding platform to get the best price from over 200 dealers!
  • 4 Sit back over the next 72 hours and watch the bids come in. We will send you a SMS/email alert so you won't miss a single bid.
  • 5 You may accept the offer at anytime during the bidding period. This offer is valid for 24-hours. There is no obligation to sell your car if you are not happy with the price.
  • 6 Deliver the vehicle and required items to our agent and get paid!

IMPORTANT: Your offer may be re-negotiated or withdrawn if the vehicle condition has deteriorated from the time of inspection.