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Mint condition, collector quality car. This is the final year of production of the Mitsubishi GTO and limited 'MR' edition. Fully original and unmodified.

The ‘Mitsubishi Racing’ or MR moniker, has been used on a few other performance Mitsubishis such as the Lancer Evolution, and usually meant a lighter model. The GTO MR was essentially a lightweight GTO Twin Turbo that deleted 4WS, ABS, ECS and Active Aero, but was mechanically identical to the normal GTO Twin Turbo aside from a final drive ratio of 4.154. Chassis numbers for the MR start with Z15A. This lowered the weight of the MR edition to 1,650 kg (3,638 lb). The AWD system featured in the MR received the same 45% front 55% rear split ratio as the other turbo models.

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