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Body: Porsche Cayenne 2006 moonlight blue color. Electric sunroof and 12-way leather seats adjustments.

Mechanics: Reliable V6 engine 3.2L producing 250hp AWD. Tiptronic 6 speed transmission on the steering wheel.
Consumption of 16.1 L/km in the city, 10.8 L/km on the highway. Only 86,000 kms.

Electronic: New central console with Android 6.0. Perfect to listen to Spotify via internet tethering. ODB2 connectors included for live visualization of the multiple sensors (speed, acceleration, G-forge, etc) on Android applications.

Family safety: can sit 5 people, ABS, Traction Control, 6 air bags

Maintenance : Invoices available from Jebsens and Carrera autosports. Last annual inspection in July was flawless.

Why buy car and not another one? 7 letters: Porsche. Avoid the big V8 4.5/4.8L engines; those Cayennes are selling cheaper because of the plastic coolant pipe defect, higher fuel consumptions and annual tax.

Money: Asking only 108,000$. All the depreciation is now done; you will lose about only 20,000$ per year in valuation until you sell it back.

Next step : Whatsapp Vincent @ 61175062. Car at Sunny Bay Station.

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