5 Common misconceptions about buying a used car in HK

1. High Mileage
Buyers tend to steer clear of cars with mileage upwards of 100,000km as they are deemed as ‘high mileage’ and worry about risks of expensive repairs. This is a misconception as cars in foreign countries frequently drive trouble-free to well over 200,000km with little problems if properly maintained.


It is unfortunate but many dishonest local used car dealers are known to ‘roll back the clock’ on higher mileage vehicles to increase the market value of their stock. It is difficult to check if a vehicle’s mileage has been tempered so we always advise buyers to check for condition and availability of service records than to trust odometer readings. We recommend a well-maintained car with full service history over a lower mileage vehicle with no service records.

service records


2. Number of Previous Owners
Hong Kongers like to keep with the trends and it is not uncommon for a car to trade hands frequently. Again, we emphasise condition and service records rather than be put off by a car that has many owners. Sports cars generally trade hands much more frequently than family vehicles.


3. Accident History
As the saying goes, accidents happen. Depending on the severity of the accident and the quality of the repair work done, a properly repaired vehicle can be just as good as one that is accident free. We always recommend a professional inspection when buying a car. If the seller rejects your request, its time to walk away.



4. Official Dealer Maintenance
While maintenance by the authorised dealer generally ensures top quality work, there are many good quality private workshops out there that can do the same work for half the price. The receipts may not look as detailed and fancy as those from the official dealer but the work is just the same. Most vehicles in HK generally get maintained at external workshops after the warranty period expires.



5. Its Safer to Buy a Used Car from a Dealer
This is absolutely untrue as a privately sold car can be just as well maintained as a dealer sold vehicle. Dealers vehicles are always super clean and shiny but sometimes this can hide problem symptoms such as oil leaks or serious accident history. Again, a proper independent inspection is recommended even when buying from a used car dealer.