28car.com NEWER, BETTER!

Tired of dealers calling you all the time? Tired of low ball offers of 100k ok? on 28car.com? Why not try hkcartrader.com this website is easy to use, easy to navigate and designed to connect expats with locals.

Registration for the website is free and only takes a few minutes. Once you have filled out our simple form (pictured below) you will receive a email to confirm your email address.


Now you’re ready to jump online and start selling your car! Listing your used car is free, we do not charge you any fees or commission when you sell the car. We will only ask you for money if you wish to ‘Upgrade to Premium Listing’ this is a ONE time fee of HK$150. Premium listings are prioritised to the front of the search results so buyers will see your car FIRST! They are also shared on our Facebook and other social media platforms. Finally, and most importantly, we have a long working partnership with The Standard newspaper, your car will be published in the newspaper with a daily circulation of 200,000+ readers.

To sell your used car simply visit https://hkcartrader.com/en/account/login fill our your username and password and then click ‘Sell My Car’ this should lead you to a form like below.

Top Tip! make sure you submit 8 clear photos of the car, have the full car displayed in the photo, there is no need to worry about hiding the licence plate – no personal data can be stolen. If you do wish to do this, then suggest taping some paper to the licence plate. The photos we see with horrible emoticons to hide the licence plate really spoil the over image and make advert look cheap and tacky! View our top tips for more info!

If you have any questions our friendly staff will be sure to assist you! We can help you with car valuation, pricing guide, photo uploading, etc.

Good luck and happy selling!

hkcartrader.com is Hong Kong’s number 1 bilingual car platform. Search the newest and latest car specials, buy only from trustworthy private sellers, avoid getting low-balled by car dealers!

hkcartrader is newer, better car classifieds site that is superior to 28car, car28. Buy, trade and sell cars faster and easier than ever!